Raised Air Beds
Make your guests' stay a luxurious one with a comfortable raised air bed.
5-in-1 Sofas
It's a bed, a sofa, a lounger, a recliner, & a raised booster bed. It's 5 products in 1!
Inflatable Furniture
Great for outdoors, dorm rooms, rec rooms or any location with limited space.

Throw away the futon. Retire the pull out sofa. Treat yourself or your guests to a restful night of sleep on one of our raised air beds. You'll be happy you did!

Smart Air Beds is the leader in inflatable 5-in-1 sofas. We are the only company to offer multiple sizes including a jumbo, 3-person king size sofa!

Inflatable furniture is truly commitment free furniture. Why run up a bill of over $1000 for a sofa and chairs when you can get inflatables at a fraction of the price!

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